Ultra Dry Absorbers 300 Gm Dry No Water Discharge

  • ChemBro
  • 27 Jun 2021

Exclusive! Come and discover the new ChemBro Absorber Ultra, the latest addition to the professional range offered by ChemBro Packaging, the inventor of the humidity absorber and partner to industry.

Our Absorber Ultra is the ideal solution for protecting food products (cocoa, coffee, etc.) or raw materials for example (textile, wood, metals, etc.); and for transporting them without altering their quality. 

  • Cleans the air of the documents and prevents the parting of the wallpaper, it protects against condensation, mould, moisture, musty odours and moisture renferm√©, spots and blistering of paints and woodwork
  • Action 2-in - 1: absorbs excess humidity and cleans the air
  • The new revolutionary holiday absorber is because there is no tote to empty, over-discharge of water without any risk of spills.
  • Level of effectiveness and saturation directly visible (a clear front allows you to see the level of filling)
  • Long-lasting effectiveness: 1 absorber 15 protects m2 up to 6 weeks